21 Apr 2023

21 Apr 2023

What is Salt-Picking?

Do you know about salt picking? Generations of Anguillans have made their livelihood picking this mineral from the 17 salt lagoons found on the island. Now, visitors to the Q Hotel can get a glimpse of this age-old experience, as well as learn about the environmental benefits of the salt ponds.

Q Hotel Anguilla was recently featured in Luxury Travel Magazine in an article celebrating Earth Day 2023, which highlights eco-friendly travel experiences around the world. The article described how salt ponds serve as a barrier between land and marine ecosystems, filtering contaminants before they reach the ocean.

It also talked about how visitors to the Q can follow up their tour of the ponds with a martini in an Anguillan salt-rimmed glass, getting a true taste of the island.

“Travelers can visit the bountiful salt ponds and experience the art of salt picking, as well as catch a glimpse of a unique wetland region filled with interesting marine and avian species.This year, in partnership with Quest Experiences, Anguilla’s beloved Quintessence Hotel is offering its guests the opportunity to visit the Road Bay salt pond and learn about its importance on the island. Following the expedition, guests will be greeted with a refreshing, ice-cold margarita back at the hotel using salt sourced directly from the island’s rich deposits. Salt, sip, and science as you learn about the island’s hidden treasures and diverse ecosystems.”

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Photo credit: Photo Courtesy Anguilla Tourism Board.